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Norty Mens Cotton Yarn Flannel Pajama Lounge Sleep Pant - 16 Prints Available, 39974


SKU: 39974-Small

Lounge Around In Complete ComfortWhether you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday or taking it easy at the end of a long day, these pajama pants make the perfect loungewear. They are made...

Color: Blue Buffalo Plaid

  • Blue Buffalo Plaid
  • Red Buffalo Plaid
  • Green Buffalo Plaid
  • Blue Black Plaid
  • Grey Multi Plaid
  • Blackwatch 1
  • Charcoal Blue Black Plaid
  • Blackwatch 2
  • Red Tartan Plaid
  • Green White Plaid
  • Grey Smoke
  • Navy Flannel
  • Blue Grey Plaid
  • Red Plaid
  • Green Plaid
  • Grey Navy Plaid


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X-Large
  • XX-Large


Lounge Around In Complete Comfort

Whether you’re enjoying a lazy Sunday or taking it easy at the end of a long day, these pajama pants make the perfect loungewear. They are made from high quality, lightweight cotton yarn material for the ultimate in bedtime comfort. You can lounge in them, laze in them, or even sleep in them. And even better, they won’t fade or shrink in the wash.

Unlike many pajama pants, we’ve included pockets. You might not need your wallet or keys while you’re wearing your pajamas, but they are perfect for the TV remote control, miscellaneous odds and ends or just keeping your hands warm. The drawstring is adjustable for perfect comfortable and secure waistband.

The Perfect Fit

Relaxed Waist

  • Small - 30”
  • Medium - 32”
  • Large - 34”
  • XL - 36”
  • 2XL - 38”


  • Small - 43”
  • Medium - 44”
  • Large - 45”
  • XL - 45”
  • 2XL - 46”


  • Small - 30”
  • Medium - 31”
  • Large - 32”
  • XL - 32”
  • 2XL - 32”

Front Rise

  • Small - 13”
  • Medium – 13.5”
  • Large – 14.5”
  • XL - 15”
  • 2XL – 15.5”

Back Rise

  • Small - 17”
  • Medium – 17.5”
  • Large – 18.5”
  • XL – 18.5”
  • 2XL - 19”

Pick Up These Pajama Pants Today 39974

  • MADE FOR COMFORT: We’ve designed these pajama pants to be the most comfortable that you’ve ever worn. They are lightweight and soft, loose and spacious yet perfectly fitting - perfect for getting a good night’s sleep or just lounging around at home.
  • HIGH QUALITY, SOFT MATERIAL: These lounge pants are made from cotton yarn flannel, an ultra-soft and incredibly durable material that strikes the perfect balance between delicate comfort and long-lasting endurance.
  • WON’T FADE OR SHRINK IN THE WASH: You can wash these pants dozens or even hundreds of times and they’ll still look and feel fantastic. Follow the washing instructions on the label and you can be sure they won’t shrink or fade.
  • STRONG DRAWSTRING AND DEEP POCKETS: The top of the pants fastens with a strong drawstring that doesn’t come loose. The pockets are deep and spacious enough to warm your hands or store personal items.

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Blue buffalo plaid, Red buffalo plaid, Green buffalo plaid, Blue black plaid, Grey multi plaid, Blackwatch 1, Charcoal blue black plaid, Blackwatch 2, Red tartan plaid, Green white plaid, Grey smoke, Navy flannel, Blue grey plaid, Red plaid, Green plaid, Grey navy plaid


Small, Medium, Large, X-large, Xx-large


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LT01: 70% wool, 15% polyester, 10% polyamide, 5% acrylic 900 Grms/mt

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